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Welcome to Tablelands 10-19yrs District School Sport in 2021


The Tablelands School Sport Group is responsible for the provision and administration of 10-19Yrs Representative School Sport activities in the Tablelands School Sport District, spanning North to Hopevale, South to Ravenshoe, West to Croydon and all areas in between. Your school is one of the 40 schools that belongs to the Tablelands 10-19Yrs School Sport District.


The Tablelands 10-19Yrs District School Sport 2021 Sporting Calendar is attached with this letter. This calendar details the Venues, Dates, Times, and Nomination Due Dates for the 2021 Tablelands Trials. Dates and Venues for the Peninsula (Regional) and Queensland (State) School Sporting Championships are also listed on this calendar. The Peninsula (Regional) School Sport Calendar can be accessed at and the Queensland (State) School Sport Calendar can be accessed at


The Tablelands School Sport Nomination process is outlined below if your child is interested in accessing Representative School Sport pathways for their chosen sport and/or sports in 2021. Please note that in 2021 the Peninsula Student Permission Details and Consent Booklet are now available electronically. 


Tablelands School Sport Nomination Process

1.      Students must nominate to their Sport Co-ordinator / School PE Teacher to attend the Tablelands Trial for their chosen sport. 

Please ensure that students have consulted the Calendar and all the associated dates and that they are able to make a genuine commitment to their nomination. Nominations should only be withdrawn for extenuating circumstances. 


2.      Upon receiving the student nomination, the Sport Co-ordinator / School PE Teacher will provide the student with the following paperwork:

a.     District Cover Letter. This has all the information about the District Trial and the paperwork due date. Students and Parents keep this Letter for their information.

This letter is given to the student.

b.     Tablelands Availability for Selection Contract (2 pages).

This Contract is given to the student.

  1. Direct students to access the 2021 Peninsula Student Permission Details and Consent Booklet (15 pages) electronically from

This booklet is to be accessed electronically from home.

    1. Click on the Forms and Documents tab, then the Student Forms tab and then click to open the link for the 2021 Peninsula Student Permission Details and Consent Booklet - fillable.
    1. Parents are asked to compete the form online by selecting the drop-down box selections and completing the fillable sections before printing. The Parent and student then print the completed form and sign in the relevant sections. The student returns the completed hard copy to school for the Principal to approve and sign. If the student will be nominating for more than one sport save this electronic version of the booklet so that for the future sport nominations, the drop-down boxes will only need to be updated before printing and signing.
    2. The school Sport Co-ordinator / School PE Teacher will instruct you to what the school's process is for getting the Principal signature (e.g., does the student drop off the completed forms to the School Office or does the student drop off the completed forms to the Sport Co-ordinator / School PE Teacher who organises and co-ordinates the Principal signing of forms).
    3. PLEASE NOTE: When a student/s do not have access to computer facilities at home, the student paperwork can be pre-populated by the Sport Co-ordinator / School PE Teacher and then printed out at school as a hard copy for students to take home to parents for completing and signing. The student then takes the form to the school for principal approval and signing. Students are asked to please inform the Sport Co-ordinator / School PE Teacher if you need the pre-populated paperwork when nominating.


3.     The completed paperwork for that sport (Tablelands Availability for Selection Contract and 2021 Peninsula Student Permission Details and Consent Booklet) must be completed fully and returned to the Sport Co-ordinator / School PE Teacher by the due date. The due date is listed on the Tablelands Calendar (Nomination Received by Column) and is also listed on the District Cover Letter. No late nominations will be accepted.


It is a good practice for students to check in with their Sport Co-ordinator / school PE Teacher to register their interest in Tablelands Sporting Trials for 2021.


Covid-19 Controls for 2021 Tablelands School Sporting Trials

School sport activities during the COVID-19 pandemic reflect the Queensland Government Roadmap to easing Queensland's restrictions – A step-down approach to COVID-19 and the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment. The following Covid-19 controls are in place for 2021 Tablelands School Sporting Trials:

  • If students are unwell/sick please DO NOT attend the trial. They may be eligible to apply for an Exemption. Please contact the District Secretary (contact details at the bottom of this letter) to organise. This must be completed no later than the morning of the Tablelands Trial.
  • For 2021 Tablelands School Sporting Trials there will be NO canteen provided. Students must bring their own water bottles, food, and snacks. The only exception will be for trials that occur during school hours (e.g., Cluster Days, Track and Field Carnival) where students will have access to school tuckshops for lunch, food, and drink orders.
  • Where possible for Tablelands Trials being held in 2021, it is encouraged for parents/guardians to continue to drop the students at the trials and pick them up at the end of the trial. If parents/spectators attend they will be required to sign-in via the QR code at the entry and practise physical distancing of 1.5m while at the event.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries about 2021 Tablelands School Sport Trials and the Tablelands School Sport Nomination Process.


Yours in Sport,


Therese Watson

District Secretary Tablelands 10-19Yrs School Sport Group

Atherton SHS                                                      0428560052

Last reviewed 11 February 2021
Last updated 11 February 2021